ViraCyte is based in the Texas Medical Center(TMC), Houston, TX.

With unprecedented access to expert collaborators, core facilities, and patients for clinical trials, the TMC provides an ideal environment for ViraCyte to develop and advance its product pipeline from discovery through late stage clinical trials. The TMC is the largest medical complex in the world comprising:
  • 59 member institutions who are world leaders in patient care, research, and education;
  • 8 million annual patient visits;
  • 9,200 in-patient beds; and
  • > $2 billion in annual research expenditures.

ViraCyte’s platform technologies deliver commerciallyscalable solutions – both personalized and “ready to administer”– for transplant patients under viral attack.

  • Diverse product portfolio
  • Safe and effective in Phase 1 and Phase 2 clinical trials
  • FDA compliant, scalable manufacturing platform
  • Highly experienced and dedicated management team
  • Awarded Orphan Drug Development Grant from the FDA
  • Potential for state and federal grants to accelerate development
  • Company poised for advanced clinical trials

ViraCyte History

1994Drs. Heslop, Brenner and Rooney (ViraCyte co-founders and Scientific Advisory Board Members) conduct “first-in-man” study using virus-specific T cells (VSTs) 2004John Wilson (Co-founder and Managing Director of ViraCyte LLC; CEO of Wilson Wolf) co-invents and patents a gas permeable cell culture device called the G-Rex 2006Drs. Rooney, Heslop and Leen (ViraCyte co-founder and Chief Scientific Officer) successfully extend stem-cell donor derived VST approach to adenovirus and establish clinical benefit associated with adoptively transferred VSTs 2007Wilson Wolf (WW) provides Baylor College of Medicine (BCM) with proprietaryT cell production devices and initiates a research program to optimize VST production 2010Dr. Vera (ViraCyte co-founder and Chief Product Development Officer), Dr. Rooney and Mr. Wilson publish a paradigm shift for manufacturing T cells using a G-Rex® production platform demonstrating cost-effective, large scale production of VSTs 2012Dr. Leen and colleagues demonstrate scalability of GMP-compliant G-Rex manufacturing by generating multivirus-specific T cells in only 10 days 2013Drs. Leen, Rooney and Heslop publish multicenter Phase II clinical data in Blood, the first to demonstrate the safety and efficacy of third party, off the shelf virus-killing T cells to treat drug refractory adenovirus and CMV infections in highly immunocompromised patients 2013ViraCyte is formed, aligning the interests of BCM and WW to commercialize virus-killing T cell therapy 2014Dr. Leen and colleagues publish clinical data demonstrating preliminary safety and efficacy of donor-derived multivirus-specific T cells recognizing up to 5 viruses administered as treatment or prophylactically 2014Dr. Leen and colleagues initiate Phase II clinical trial of third party, off the shelf multivirus-specific VSTs recognizing up to 5 viruses 2015ViraCyte initiates Phase I study testing safety of Viralym-C 2016ViraCyte positioned to launch advanced clinical trials and diversify antimicrobial T cell pipeline